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Crane Division


Sin Leng Industries specializes in Singapore crane rental, installing, operating and dismantling. We have more than 40 years of experience in the heavy lifting industry. We are now bizsafe 4 certified and our cranes are HDB approved to enter to HDB / LTA sites.

Sin Leng rental services operates both locally and regionally in the Southeast Asian countries. We have a complete fleet of crane and dedicated support staff to cater to our client's requests and requirements. You can be assured of our quality of service: Our team of operators are certified, trained in rigging and signalling as well. We also have a team of maintenance crew for any works required on our cranes.  Check out our cranes below


Our major clients includes: Tiong Seng Ltd, KTC Civil & Engineering Pte Ltd, Nishimatsu Construction Pte Ltd, Koh Brothers Ltd, Peck Tiong Choon Transport Pte Ltd.

Crane Division


Sin Leng engages in sales of used cranes from Japan & Europe. We have marine ringers, crawler cranes, rough terrain cranes and pedestal mounted cranes available. Do drop us an email or call us for more details. 

Shipping Division

Tug & Barge Chartering

Our Tug and Barge services are partnered with our affiliate company Hiap Shing Group


We do construction and leasing of barges and tugs. Barges range from 100 ft to 300ft & Tugs starts from 730 BHP. 


- Flat-top Barge & Split hopper Barge

- Tug Boats and Pusher Tugs

- Floating Cranes, Pedestal Mounted Cranes

We specialise in offshore material & machinery transport, offshore lifting (ship parts, anchor etc.), anchorage and port dredging (clamshell). 

Engineering Division


We have a full team of technicians, mechanics and electricians to carry out basic engineering works in our very own workshop and yard. (hydraulic systems, engine systems)

Supply of diesel, engine oil, & hydraulic oil

Mobile repair of equipment is also available. 


Crawler Crane

Grove HL150

150ton, Fly Jib Option

Hitachi KH300-3

80 Ton, Fly Jib Option

Hitachi Sumitomo SCX 900-2

90 Ton

Hitachi Sumitomo SCX 2800-2

280 Ton

IHI CCH 800-3

80 Ton

Kobelco CKE800-1F

80 Ton

Kobelco 7080

80 Ton, Fly Jib Option

Kobelco 7120

120 Ton

Kobelco 7150

150 Ton, Fly Jib Option, Tower Option

Kobelco 7250-2F

250 Ton, Fly Jib Option

Kobelco 7250S

250 Ton, Fly Jib Option

Liebherr 882

120 Ton

Manitowoc 8500-1

80 Ton, Fly Jib Option

Manitowoc 4100 S2

230 Ton

Manitowoc 4100 S3

230 Ton, Ringer Option

Sumitomo SC800DD-2

80 Ton, Heavy Duty


80 Ton, Fly Jib Option, Tower Option


100 Ton, Tower Option

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Rough Terrain Crane

Tadano TRM500-3

50 Ton

Grove RT650E

50 US Ton

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Crawler Telescopic Crane



Tadano GTC800

80 Ton

Favelle Favco 60T

60 US Ton

Terex TCC 60

60 Ton, Fly Jib Option

Liebherr LTR 1100

100 Ton, Self Erecting, Fly Jib Option

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Crawler Tower Crane

Sumitomo LS 218

80 Ton, Luffing

Sumitomo LS 238

100 Ton

Kobelco 7150

150 Ton

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Barge Crane

Hitachi Sumitomo SCX2800-2

280 ton

Kobelco 7250-2F


Sumitomo LS 248 RH

150 Ton

Kobelco 7250-2F

250 Ton

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Floating/ Pedestal Crane

Hitachi KH300-3

80 Ton

SKK 500D

60 Ton, Clam Shell Dredging

Italgru TGN 5300TM

300 Ton, Ringer

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Our Fleet
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